Gambling in Football – The Big Step

The WSA have been contacted by a charity called The Big Step, an advocacy project formed by people that have been harmed by gambling. They are part of Gambling with Lives, a charity set up by bereaved parents who have lost their children to suicide because of their gambling addiction.

Together, they are campaigning for an end to harmful gambling advertising and sponsorship in football. Their petition 2 has recently been signed by Gary Lineker and Peter Shilton.

You may have seen this BBC Sport article 1 last week, featuring an open letter from them to 11 football clubs regarding direct gambling promotion on social media. They’ve reached out to us and orhter organisations across the UK in the hope we will use our platform as a supporters’ group to help us protect children and those at risk of gambling addiction.

Normally, they organise group walking events to football clubs with gambling sponsorship. This year, due to the pandemic, they’ll be holding a remote walking event in March. They’re aiming to collectively walk 1,137 miles, but they need as much help as they can get!

You’ll find more details attached. We’d really grateful if you could join in or support us by helping us reach more people by sharing our campaign, either publicly or with your members, and signing/ sharing our petition 2.

Please do consider signing up, I am, and I’m hopeful many more members and Walsall FC fans in general will join in. Details are on the attached picture, email the address given to register your interest, and whether you have a deep relationship with the subject or not, get those steps in. Please feel free to pass as much information as possible on to friends, family, etc. as this affects everybody, not just football fans,


Rob Harvey, Chairman

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