The WSA is a grassroots movement focused on bringing positive change for Walsall fans and improving relations between the Club and supporters.

objectives 2021

Our objectives for the coming year are, in unprecedented times, focussed on supporting the Club during the on-going Coronavirus pandemic and continuing our work to represent our membership and support the wider community.

» Sustained fundraising to provide additional finance for the club during the Covid-19 crisis

» Continued growth as an organisation, becoming a more visible and effective vehicle for supporter representation

» To renew, when appropriate, our drive for improved facilities, services and match day experience for Walsall fans

» Sustained attendance at monthly Working Party Meetings 

» Dedication to presenting the questions, concerns and ideas of our membership to the Football Club

» Commitment to working with, not against, fellow supporters’ groups and their members

» Continue to build a trusting and respectful relationship with staff and representatives of Walsall FC

» To encourage the club to seek the opinion of Walsall supporters regarding key issues and assist them in doing so

» Maintain an open, inclusive and transparent approach to all of our dealings with the Football Club

» To expand our membership and provide improved benefits of joining The WSA

» To improve and expand our communication with our membership and all supporters of Walsall FC 

» To host our first public forums and general meetings for members when government rules allow

» Continued fundraising for charities and good causes based in the Borough of Walsall

» Working to engage and promote mental health services made available to Walsall FC supporters

» To support and promote the work of Walsall FC’s existing community outreach programmes


Through sustained action and improved engagement with the club, our goal is for Walsall FC to recognise and facilitate the following key objectives.

The WSA is an autonomous organisation founded and operated by volunteers. We are committed to providing an independent voice for our membership and all Walsall supporters.

The WSA is an open platform committed to transparency. All correspondence with Walsall Football Club will be communicated through this website and the minutes of any formal meeting will be published for open viewing.  ​

We are committed to continued and sustained activity. We believe that only through patient, persistent and determined action can lasting change be achieved.​

Though the WSA is focused on communicating the concerns and expectations of supporters to the Football Club, this must always be conveyed in a respectful manner.

All communication with the club will be direct but polite, and any membership drive or awareness event will be conducted through co-operation with the club’s safety and security personnel, where necessary.  ​

A civil approach should also be extended to fellow supporters opposed to or not associated with the group or any activities organised by the WSA.​

Believing we are only as weak as we are divided, the WSA is committed to developing friendly and productive working relationships with Walsall FC, fellow Supporters’ Groups and all other stakeholders and interested parties.

The WSA is open to ALL supporters of Walsall FC. If you would like to become a member, please click here.


Our first formal constitution was created in September 2019 and has been ratified by the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) and Walsall Football Club. In the spirit of transparency our constitution is made available for public viewing. 

1.1 – The name of the organisation will be ‘The Walsall Supporters Alliance’ (WSA).

2.1 – To engage with Walsall FC on a range of issues surrounding the operation of the club and its relationship with supporters, as set out by the organisation’s Mission Statement.

2.2 – To raise questions and issues highlighted by our membership with the club via email, formal meetings and attendance at monthly Working Party Meetings.

2.3 – To raise awareness of issues surrounding the operation of Walsall FC and inform fellow supporters of the organisation’s objectives and activities.​

2.4 – To maintain civil and respectful communication with the club, and for any demonstrations or awareness events to be conducted through co-operation with the club’s safety and security personnel, as necessary.

2.5 – For a civil and respectful approach to be extended to fellow supporters opposed to or not associated with the organisation or any activities organised by The WSA.

2.6  – A commitment to transparency, with all correspondence with Walsall FC made public through the organisation’s website.

2.7 – A commitment to continued and sustained activity.

3.1 – Members will be adult (over 18) or junior (under 18). Only adult members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3.2 – For the 2020/21 season annual membership is free for all members.

3.3 – Future adoption of membership fees will be set by the committee at each AGM.

3.4 – The membership year shall commence on 1st July annually.

3.5 – The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held by 30th June each year.

3.6 – Every candidate seeking membership of the organisation will complete an application form, which will be submitted to the committee for consideration. The committee will have absolute discretion for its acceptance and the issue of membership cards and copies of the constitution.

3.7 – The committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member (including committee members) who infringe the rules or whose conduct renders him/her unfit for membership of the organisation.

4.1 – A Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and no more than six (6) other persons shall be formed and elected annually.

4.2 – Nominations for election to the committee, proposed and seconded in writing, must be submitted to the Secretary not less than fourteen (14) days prior to each publicised AGM.

4.3 – The elected committee members shall appoint the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer at the first committee meeting after an AGM.

Serving Committee Members

Chairman: Mr R Harvey

Vice-Chairman: Mr C Saunders

Members: Cllr A Andrew, Mr G Oxley, Mr N Pritchard, Mrs S Pritchard, Mr B Worrall 

5.1 – Attendance at committee meetings shall be not less than three (3) people.

5.2 – Attendance at the AGM of the organisation shall be not less than twenty (20) members or 25% of the membership, whichever is the smallest. This includes sitting members of the committee.

6.1 – The committee shall meet at least once a month.

6.2 – The date, time and venue of each committee meeting shall be decided at the previous meeting and published on the organisation’s website.

6.3 – Items for the agenda, and any relevant supporting papers, must be submitted at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to a committee meeting.

6.4 – The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, including reports from the Treasurer and a total amount of memberships to date.

6.5 – Any committee member who fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation will be deemed as having resigned from the body.

7.1 – The AGM shall take place at a given date, time and venue and before the end of June of each year.

7.2 – The purpose of the AGM is to elect the Committee for the coming season and to receive the annual report of the committee.

Please note: Only those adult members present at the AGM are eligible to vote at the AGM and no proxy votes are permitted.

8.1 – The Chairman of the committee may, at their discretion, call an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) of the organisation.

8.2 – The Secretary must also call an EGM within fourteen (14) days of receiving a written request to do so by at least five (5) members who have held membership of the organisation for a minimum of six (6) months.

9.1 – The Walsall Supporters’ Alliance can only be dissolved at an AGM or EGM.

9.2 – The organisation may be dissolved at any time via a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of its members.

9.3 – Any meeting to dissolve the organisation can only occur after twenty-one (21) days’ notice has been given to ALL members in writing.

9.4 – In the event of the organisation dissolving, the assets and proceeds of the sale of effects shall be donated to an organisation with similar aims or to a charitable organisation as agreed at an AGM or EGM.

a brief history

Formerly known as Walsall Supporters for Change (WSFC) , the Walsall Supporters’ Alliance (WSA) was founded in January 2019 amid growing disquiet amongst supporters regarding the operation and leadership of Walsall Football Club.

This unrest highlighted the widely perceived institutional mismanagement of the club, stemming from a lack of investment in the playing side, the increasingly poor relationship between Walsall FC and supporters, and the substandard facilities and level of customer service offered at the stadium.

Central to these concerns was the ongoing £400,000+ annual rental arrangement for the Banks’s Stadium between the club and then-Chairman Jeff Bonser, a lack of communication from the club on this and other matters, and a marked decline in attendances.  

As such, the WSA was created in order to provide a new and independent vehicle to challenge the club on important issues and offer a fresh and proactive voice for Walsall supporters. 

In the summer of 2019 we became an Associate Member of the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) and applied successfully to join monthly Working Party Meetings held between Walsall FC and supporter-run organisations.  

Following the departure of long-standing Chairman Jeff Bonser in July 2019, WSA has pledged to support the leadership of the new majority owner, Leigh Pomlett. 

We continue to challenge the club on key issues including the ownership of the stadium, and represent our members and fellow supporters in what will hopefully be a bright and progressive era for Walsall FC.

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